SMEE offers a full service strategy in terms of electronics. From engineering and designing electronic diagrams to performing full compliant EMC tests according to European standards for your finished product, we fully handle every stage of your project.

Personalized advice, high reliability, strong reactivity: these are the key points that have enabled us to obtain the major national groups’ confidence.
Thanks to the wide versatility of our services, we consistently succeed in dealing with issues such as compliance with standards or qualification process.

There is no need for you to rely on multiple providers as we conduct EMC and radio laboratory tests and ensure electric safety.

Les projets chez SMEE

From designing to PCB prototypes wiring to EMC testing, you may entrust us with your whole project. You may also entrust us with one specific step of your project and we will assist your team by giving personalized advice and by conducting specific compliance tests.

We are a human-sized structure and we are used to answering our clients’ specific needs with reactivity and precision. We advise you and guide you throughout every stage of both certification process and compliance with standards.
Ask your questions and we will answer you within 48 hrs.