Single phase / three-phase current and Telecommunication Access

The reference generator producing conducted disturbances permits an easy check of the conducted emissions’ measurement chain for the network access and telecommunication  ports.
It also allows the laboratories for intercomparison measurements.


Frequency range: 10 kHz-150 kHz or 150 kHz-30 MHz (selected by internal jumper)

Control of impedance: LISN (single and 3-phase sector) / ISN (shielded and non-shielded Ethernet cables)

LISN connection: power cord

ISN-telecom access port connection: RJ45 connector

Frequency step: 15.6 kHz or 250 kHz (selected by internal jumper)

Quasi-Peak / Average ratio: 6 dB (±0.5 dB) or 0 dB (selected by internal jumper)

Disturbing signal amplitude stability: ±0.1 dB / year

LISN voltage: Universal 0 V to 400 V (powered by rechargeable NiMh batteries, self-charging through mini-USB 5 VDC / 500 mA)

Operational autonomy: 20 hrs


Réponse spectrale (pas de 250kHz, mesure PEAK et Average, 150 kHz – 30 MHz)