Our mid-sized structure provides all the benefits from an efficient electronic design office. Furthermore our company is still human-sized, thus providing all of our clients a dedicated and reactive interlocutor that aims at connecting them to the services that are relevant to their project.

SMEE owns an internal wiring workshop and an EMC compliance test laboratory. Unlike smaller-sized structures we are able to produce electronic cards whose plans have been made in our own design office and we are also able to test them in order to obtain the required certifications for their placing on the market.


The different steps of your project

First of all our clients submit their PCB CAD layout to our PCB engineering and design office. We accept ALTIUM, CADSTAR files and other software. If necessary our clients may also entrust us with the PCB CAD layout design of their future electronic card.

  • If necessary we improve your PCB CAD layout so as to facilitate the future card design
  • We achieve the final plans considering the cutting, the various outputs, and the control unit design
  • We order the necessary electronic components and wire the PCB according to the engineering and design office plans
  • We hardwire the electronic control units inside your products
  • We test the electronic card prototypes and ensure they resist to electromagnetic variations
  • We test the finished product in laboratory conditions and obtain the certifications / ensure compliance with the standards prior to placing on the market.

You may, of course, take advantage of our services at any step of your project: some customers are only interested in our design office services or in our EMC laboratory tests, others entrust us with the development of their electronic project from A to Z.