Our design office has above all an advisory role. We adapt to any project and we determine our client’s needs by conducting a series of studies:

  • PCB routing adapted to all technologies
  • Study of components’ placement for an easier wiring
  • EMC study of components’ arrangement
  • Functional and esthetical study of control unit design
  • Study of compliance and pre-certification
  • Guiding the EMC and low voltage Directive qualification process


As a result of that we provide our clients with the following files:

  • Electric diagram with ORCAD input and GERBER, DXF, EXCELLON outputs
  • Equipment map
  • Drilling and cutting template
  • Nomenclature
  • Back-annotation file
  • Mechanical files created under Solidwork Prototype software

Once all the plans have been validated and prior to getting the electronic card prototype wiring started, we now craft the bespoke control units:

  • Design and production of the front sides
  • Design and production of the moulds
  • Precision machining, cutting, engraving and bending

Please contact us directly for any particular need.