Flexible, effective and well-known: an outstanding instrument in the Rhône-Alpes Region

Purpose :  Within the frame of the European and international EMC standards: performing the measurements required to pass the qualification process and carrying out the production audits regarding ERP emissions.
Within the frame of quality procedures: calibrating the antenna (by determining the antenna factors).

Measurements in 3-meter and 10-meter free-field conditions represent the reference measurements for ERP emissions as mentioned in standards EN55022, EN55011, EN60601-1-2, FCC, and other standards.

Radio-frequency measurement conditions (ETSI 300 330, 300 328, 300 220 and others)

Methods: during the product qualification process, each pre-identified frequency is measured at 10 or 3 meters according to frequencies and standards intended.

Regarding the production audit: according to product reference, measurements are both carried out onto the frequencies established during pre-identification and onto the new frequencies listed.

This process is used in order to quantify the potential drift and to ensure the product compliance with the related EMC Directive.

The antenna calibration is made in accordance with the 3-antenna method as described in the ANSI C63.5 standard.

Advantages: during the qualification process it is not necessary to take a safety margin against the limit.

The 10-meter measurement is undisputable as indicated in the EN55011 and EN55022 standards, meaning that it shall be authentic in case of litigation.

Cost: Measurements made within the frame of qualification or audit production are as expensive as 3-meter measurements and they are not more time-consuming. They basically permit to optimize and control the EMC compliance related costs.



  • Ground mass dimensions: 18 x 12 m
  • Rotating plate
  • Maximum weight of equipment under test: 300 kg
  • Pole height: 4 m
  • Handling of rotating plate and pole operated by automatic system
  • Full measurement chain that allows for automatic and manual measurements
  • Protective dome made out of compound material / Access ramp
  • Compliance with 3 and 10-meter ANE theoretical model
  • located next to EMC and safety laboratory