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SMEE is a company based in Voiron, in the Rhône-Alpes Region of France. SMEE offers a wide range of service to its customers:

Electronic cards prototyping,
EMC conformity testing,
PCB design

SMEE is dedicated to guiding its customers throughout every stage of their project:

Consulting, standards and guidance, routing studies and electronic cards wiring, test conducting process, support for compliance with European Conformity or international certifications.

SMEE also produces its own thermal conductivity measurement portable instruments, known as TC-Meter.

By providing personalized advice through a great sense of assessment and a strong reactivity to customer demands, SMEE is expert at dealing with major companies key issues.

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SMEE has a new anechoic chamber


Our EMC and radio test laboratory is now equipped with a brand new anechoic chamber.

Get to know more about our new testing capacities and our EMC, radio and security testing services here!